POB Band Members

Eldorado0761The 39th New Mexico Pageant of Bands Marching Competition will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Wilson Stadium in Albuquerque. We look forward to seeing your performance, but please remember to keep yourself hydrated. Water stations are located throughout the stadium and Albuquerque afternoons can be very warm. So be sure to eat, drink, and not lock your knees during the awards ceremony, but have a good time!

POB Merchandise at the Pageant – Various items are available to purchase when you go to the Pageant of the Bands competition, including the 39th POB Program Guide. This booklet contains information about the Pageant and about the programs performed by the various bands as well as their pictures from last year. Drum Majors and soloists are also identified. The POB Program makes a wonderful memento of your experience at the POB. The Programs booklets will be sold in the stands and at the Merchandise Tent for $5. Other merchandise available include POB Pins & Patches ($5 each), POB T-Shirts ($15), POB Hats ($20), POB Sweatshirts ($40-$45) and previous years Pins, Patches and T-shirts ($5). Merchandise not sold at the Pageant will be made available to order from the POB Store following the competition. 

2018 POB T-Shirt

2018 POB Pin

photo of 2018 POB Patch

2018 POB Patch

2018 POB Program

2018 POB Program


Photo of La Cueva High School Marching Band

La Cueva High School Big Bad Bear Marching Band, 2017 NM Pageant of Bands