POB Group Photography

The 2017 New Mexico Pageant of Bands photography will be supplied by Bellaments. Band group photos are $20 for a formal 8×12 color print or $30 for two 8×12 color prints, including one formal and one “funny”.

Orders can be placed on the day of the event or pre-ordered by mail or on-line. Prints will be shipped to the address provided on the form for a $5 fee. Payment must accompany all orders. Deadline for POB Photography pre-orders is Saturday, October 14, 2017.

If you prefer to pay securely via PayPal or credit card, use our 2017 POB Group Photo Pre-Order On-line Form to pre-order a band group photo. When you submit your order you will be directed to a PayPal web page with a “Pay with PayPal” option or “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” which does not require a PayPal account. Your order will not be processed until we actually receive payment.

To pre-order a band group photo my mail, download the Bellaments 2017 POB Photography Pre-Order Form, complete it and mail with a check (payable to “Bellaments”) to:

New Mexico Pageant of Bands
P.O. Box 20324
Albuquerque, NM 87154-0324