2019 POB Band Programs

The following bands have submitted their 2019 New Mexico Pageant of Bands program sheets for inclusion in the printed POB Program booklet. The POB Program booklet is sold during the POB competition and is a very popular memento of the event.

SchoolClass EnteredSize of BandProgramDrum MajorsSoloists and Instruments
Mayfield High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10085

Western Side Story - The Town, Horse Opera, Train Robbery

Cole Morris, Kai Alberson, Jonah Arzapalo

Marie Walters - Clarinet, Gabriella Middleton - Alto Sax, Pete Robles - Tenor Sax

Cibola High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 100100

Their 2019 field show program is entitled "Hypnagogia". It creatively depicts the quirky state of consciousness as one is falling asleep. People and events take on a shade of surrealism. The music composer and arranger is Luke McMillan, and the movements are titled, "Brahm's Lullaby", "Sweet Dreams", "Dreams and Nightmares", and "Rhythm".

Brendan Heusser (pr. Hyoozer)

Dillon Hauke - Flute

Belen High SchoolAA - 41 to 5555

The merging of two music genres ... Classical and Rock

Maya Chacon, Maxxine Guillen and Nathan Saavedra

Maxxine Guillen - Mellophone

Highland High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10090

Dance Band Revolution

Selections From: The Hustle, The Macarena, The Chicken Dance, The Twist, The Electric Slide, and the Cupid Shuffle

Original Material by: McCoy, Rendall, Thomas, Ballard, De Yarza, Triay, Romero, Ruiz, Livingston, Bernard

Arranged by: Burke, Vincent, Crockarell,
Dawson, Edmondson, and Waters

Garron Tankersley
Shaniiyah Gorospe
Beatrice Loving

Garron Tankersley - baritone
Isaiah Garcia - trumpet
Beatrice Loving - mellophone

Valley HSA - 1 to 4038

Imagine Dragons

Believer Arr. Murtha
I Bet My Life Arr. Wallace
Natural Arr. Lopez

Orlando Dominguez
Zachary Lucero

Miranda Rivera- Keytar
Abraham DeVargas- Guitar

West Mesa High SchoolA - 1 to 4035

Bailamos! by Luke McMillan

1 - Latin Nights
2 - Gypsy Queen
3 - Fiesta!

Isbaal Mata

Sean Skinner - Trombone

Eldorado High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above167


Selections Include:
Fly to Paradise - Eric Whitacre
Suspensions - Alex Thode
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
Asphalt Cocktail - John Mackey

Percussion By: Cole Williams

Jed Perea
William Bridges
Ruya Nelson

Gabriel Santiago-Arturet - Acoustic Guitar

Melina Vugrin, Mallory Connell, Mina Gentry, Ellie Suo-Anttila - Flute Quartet

Aaron Greenwood, Jason Jackson, Andrew Dubbs, Savannah Phelps, Tye Munoz-Andrada - Trombone Quintet

Manzano High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above107

Show Title- "Wonderful World"

Lu Marsh
Bailey Barrows

Miranda Gomez Nelson-Trombone
Abigail Taylor-Flute
Kasey Forsythe-Trombone
Makayla Roybal-Alto Sax

Atrisco Heritage Academy High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above120

War Dance by John Fannin

Isaiah Maldonado
Yvette Villegas

Angel Gutierrez- Mellophone

Centennial High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10095

X Marks The Spot by John Fannin

Jarrett Gladstone
Najena McCroskey
Marisa Peay

Jordan Gladstone - Flute
Olivia Muir - Mellophone
Adam Homsi - Alto Saxophone
Gabriel Sanchez - Trumpet
Christian Sanchez - Trombone

Volcano VistaAAAA - 76 to 10075

Movement 1. The Youthful Beauty
Movement 2. Unrequited Love
Movement 3. Me, Myself, and Die

Nadia Russell
Macy Blacksher

Addison Bosch--trumpet
Savannah Weber--Flute/Piccolo

Sandia High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7575

The Wrong Show
(A Quasi-Humorous Look at the Devolution of Marching Show Music)

I. The Latin Show
II. The Movie Show
III. The Jazz Show
IV. Modern Marching Masterpiece of Much Points GE

Randall Suski-Oppedahl

Los Lunas High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10098

"Your Life's Blueprint"

Music by: Jeff Chambers

Your Life's Blueprint
Mvt. 1
Mvt. 2
Mvt. 3
Mvt. 4
Mvt. 5

Yarely Acosta, Jewelles Edeal, & Jenna Fraley

Cyrus Aragon - Trumpet, Joselyn Graham - Mellophone, Alejandra Sasser - Baritone, Anthony Lucero - Tenor Saxophone, Ivy Gabaldon - Flute, Evan Anaya - Dance, Maya Rodriguez - Dance, Reyes Gabaldon - Flag, Bo Pairett - Flag, Jonah Candelaria - Trombone

Farmington High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7567

Around the World

Evan Miller
Andrew Mitchell

Braden Olson - Trombone
Michael Fanrsworth - Baritone
Jared Fishburn - Trumpet

Valencia High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10080

Safari by Ayatey Shabazz

Alyssa Parker

Zoe Bennett

V. Sue Cleveland High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above150

Planet Earth

Marguerite Kibodeaux
Maya Mueller
Camille St. Andre

Harrison Lyman - Soprano Sax
Ore Sanya - Trumpet

AztecA - 1 to 4028

Title TBD
"Freeze Frame"
"Bang The Drum All Day"
"Crazy Litle Thing Called Love"

Erin Gallegos

Los Alamos HSAAAA - 76 to 10092

Black Orpheus by Ryan Finn

Beth Short, Mei Eutsler, Kira Lorenc

Rachel Norman - Flute
Jake Harding - Trumpet
Jackson Bell - Trombone
Keith Bridge - Trumpet

Rio Rancho High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above124

The Red Poppy

Autumn Bandy
Damon Hess
Kaylee Dodson

Maya Barrientos - Flute
Taylor Linsday - Flute
Sebastian Farrell - Sousaphone

La Cueva High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above140


Riley Swann
Fiona Carney
Luke Xue

Grace Meindl, oboe
Sofia Atencio, flute
Maya Capuano, Alto Saxophone
Nicholas Stordahl, trumpet

Canyon High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above150

Into the Sky
Selections from:
Machu Picchu by Yagisawa
To tame the perilous skies by Holsinger
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles

Macy McClish, Wade House, Lily Williams

Aubyn Nall and Lisa Kelch, trumpet

Albuquerque High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7560

“Medusa and Perseus”

Featuring the music “Olympus” by Gary P. Gilroy and selections from “Incantation” arranged by Jay Dawson.

Tamara Motley

Nena Dorame - Flute
Miles Anderson - Trumpet
Maria Bellew - Medusa
Zach Biggerstaff - Perseus
Kira Dunnum - Andromeda

Goddard High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7565

Bringing Art to Life! Featuring arrangements by Jay Dawson, this show imagines what might happen if fine art came to life and shed it's stuffy image.

Kaitlin Ware


Santa Fe HSA - 1 to 4025

“Magical Mystery Tour/Lady Madonna “
“Eleanor Rigby “

Madilyn Johnson

Olivia Nguyen- Trumpet “Yesterday”

Kirtland Central High School A - 1 to 4038

Imagine Dragons
Movement 1- Natural
Movement 2- I Bet my Life
Movement 3- Believer

Natalie Begaye
Avaya Harvey

Anthony Weston Trumpet soloist

Rio Grande High SchoolA - 1 to 4020

The Rio Grandiest Show
Music from the Greatest Showman

1. The Greatest Show
2. Never Enough
3. This is Me

Joey Serna
Denilson Cisneros
Jonathan Murillo

Del Norte High SchoolA - 1 to 4025

Last Train From Chicago

Tim Maddox

Mariah Sedillo-Trumpet
Jacque Zamora-Trumpet
Isaac Fletcher-Trombone
Nick Barton-Trombone

Piedra Vista High SchoolAA - 41 to 5547

"Beginnings" Music of Cirque du Soliel
Journey of Man - Youth

Danielle Lopez and Maxwell Bales

Sean Kinard - Mellophone
LaTerrian Howard - Trumpet
Maxwell Bales - Rifle

Shiprock High SchoolAA - 41 to 5541

Theme: Native Rock

Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
Come & Get You Love by Redbone
Fire! by Jimi Hendrix

Xander Begay
Coralita Joe