Band Directors

Band Directors, due to various scheduling conflicts, there will not be a 2023 New Mexico Pageant of Bands. Plan on being a part of the musical excellence and showmanship of this wonderful competition in 2024!

New Mexico Pageant of Bands

The New Mexico Pageant of Bands is a marching band competition for New Mexico High School Bands where bands are classified by band size, not by high school enrollment. Band size includes all students participating in the performance, including brass, woodwinds, drum line, pit and auxiliary along with students holding and moving props. These classes include:

Band Size
1 to 40
41 to 55
56 to 75
76 to 100
101 and above
Band size includes all participating students


The New Mexico Pageant of Bands uses CompetitionSuite for scoring and adjudicator commentary for all competitions. When you register for the NM POB competition, your band will be added to the NM POB CompetitionSuite event. The email address you provide for this feature will be receiving a notification that it has been added to your group. The account will be able to add additional access to your commentary. If you don’t currently have a CompetitionSuite account, please Sign Up. It is free to you!

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Photo of Rio Rancho Marching Band
Rio Rancho High School Marching Band – 2019 NM Pageant of Bands – Clarissa Anello Photography