2021 POB Band Programs

The following bands have submitted their 2021 New Mexico Pageant of Bands program sheets for inclusion in the printed POB Program Guide. The POB Program Guide is sold during the POB competition and is a very popular memento of the event.

SchoolClass EnteredSize of BandProgramDrum MajorsSoloists and Instruments
Moriarty High SchoolA - 1 to 4011

Rise of the Phoenix

Mvt. 1: Inspired by The Firebird Suite - Infernal Dance by Igor Stravinsky

Mvt. 2: “The Ashes” by Luke McMillan

Mvt. 3: The Firebird Suite - Finale by Igor Stravinsky

Madi Schlosser

Rio Grande HSA - 1 to 4015

Post Pandemic Celebration!

Music for the enjoyment of getting out and about again.

Jackie Solis

Kevin Vargas Martine - Sousaphone

Goddard AA - 41 to 5545

8 Minute Empire: A Marching Take on Classic Strategy Games
Music From a New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak
Arranged by Robert W. Smith and Jair Klarfeld

Citlalli Palma

Evan Palmer- Trombone
Ashlyn Hess- Flugel Horn
Danny Ousley- Trumpet

Sandia High SchoolAA - 41 to 5553

Bombpops in Hadesburg

I. Silver
II. The Dancer
III. March to the Apocalypse

Ella Fenstermacher
Atticus Stewart

Clarinets: McKenzie Clarkson, Ella Fenstermacher, Katherine Perry, Hannah Wilson and Jackson Zeigler.

Kirtland Central High SchoolA - 1 to 4038

Classic Rock Show:

Sweet Child Of Mine (opener)
Live and Let Die
Dream On (closer)

Avaya Harvey
Jaiden Dee

Macaria Gutierrez Trumpet ---Live and Let Die
Sarah Nolan Euphonium--- Dream On

Atrisco Heritage Academy High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10095

A Thousand Cranes- Michael Pote and Jeff Queen

Mia Madrid
Donovan Rodriguez

Christian Herrera- Alto Saxophone
Irys Silva- Flute

Piedra Vista High SchoolA - 1 to 4036

Mr. Bluesky
Hooked on a Feeling
I Want You Back

Aliyah Rodriguez-Atencio
McKenzie Harrison

Eldorado High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above130

Journey To The Oasis - by Alex Thode

Arabian Nights - Alan Menken
Starvation - Thomas Bergersen
Arabian Dances - Brian Balmages
Danse Bacchanale - Camille Saint-Saens

Ruya Nelson
Jacob Olivas

Mina Gentry - Flute
Sydney Snowden - Clarinet
Anne Webb - Alto Saxophone

Albuquerque High SchoolAA - 41 to 5555

Sound, Shape, and Color by Steve Martin, Aaron Hines, and Kyle Zive

Sarah Rose Salazar

Josue Ortega, Trumpet

Cibola High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10077

Heroic Journey

Symphony No. 5 Mvt. I
-Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 7 Mvt. II
-Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven's Secrets
-The Piano Guys

Quiara Coretz
Natasha Kwiatkowski

Mvt. II
Melina Rosales
Alex Devall

Mvt. III
Jared Trueba
David Hansen

West Mesa High SchoolA - 1 to 4038

Tango! by Luke McMillan
Mvt. 1: Tango Rojo
Mvt. 2: Columbe
Mvt. 3: Tango Argentine

Yaritza Ledezma


V. Sue Cleveland High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above150

Born Wicked by Frank Sullivan

Raven Dickens
Kirsten Kuper
Ryatt Price

Kirsten Kuper - Flute
Natalie Garde - Euphonium
Madison Higham - Mellophone

Shiprock High SchoolA - 1 to 4038

Pandora Reopened and Closed, by Randall Standridge
Part 1 - Prologue
Part 3 - A Time of Dread
Part 4 - A Time of War
Part 2 - A Time of Joy

Skye Adonis Silentman
Madison Charleston
Courtney Frank

Jamie Shorty, trumpet
Madison Charleston, alto saxophone

Belen High SchoolA - 1 to 4034

The Creature
Arrangement & Original Music by Luke McMillan
Part 1 - It's Alive
Part 2 - The Creature's Lair
Part 3 - It's Here

Sebastian Smith
Contessa Glaser
Tristan Orphal

Centennial High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10076

In The Clouds, music by John Fannin

Ai Khuyen Prasad
Isaac Pineda

Maria Rosales
Seth Buchanan
Jordan Gladstone
Monique Claeys

Rio Rancho High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10093

Beacon of Hope

Rebecca Skousen
Arianna Griego

Sophie Baum - Flute
Elisabeth Schmidt - EWI

Los Lunas High SchoolAA - 41 to 5545

"The Birth of Planet Earth"
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Music Arranged by: Jeff Chambers

Chelsea Singer & Oscar Cervantes

Chelsea Singer - Flute
Diego Carrillo - Tenor Sax
Oscar Cervantes - Trombone
Isabella Jolly - Dance/Clarinet
Zane Gassman - Trumpet
Jaron Jolly - Mellophone

Silver High SchoolA - 1 to 4030

The show is entitled: Conspiracy Theory by Gary Gilroy

Mvt. I - FBI Files
Mvt. II - Paranoia
Mvt III - Revelation
Mvt. IV - Big Brother

Christian Kilgore
Daniella Ruby Holguin

Hamilton Perkins - Trumpet

Manzano high schoolAAA - 56 to 7554

Show Title: "In The Grid"

Adriana Vigil, Jack Del Castillo, and Jackson Debuck

Bryce Yearout, Flugelhorn

Roswell High School AAA - 56 to 7565

El Matador y La Rosa, Parts 1, 2, & 3

Jordan Island
Aidan Donahue

Amber Gambia-flute
Jose Rodriguez-clarinet
Eugenio Quintana-bass trombone

Volcano VistaAAA - 56 to 7563

includes music from:

Ballet Suite #4 and Piano Concerto #2 by Dmitry Shostakovich
Original Music by Carol Chambers
Themes inspired by Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd

Laura Funicelli, Drum Major
Sam Bigger, Assistant Drum Major

In order of appearance:
Lam Nguyen, Flute
Trenton Raley, Baritone
Laura Funicelli, Alto Saxophone
Logan Johnson, Clarinet
Jake Revels, Trumpet
Hailey Hendricks, Trumpet
Ben Anyanonu, Mellophone

La Cueva High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above122

The Big Bad Bear Band Holiday Spectacular

Lance Hendrickson
Aaron Morad-McCoy
Ashley Wilson

Anthony Gurrieri, Trumpet
Derrick Niu, Trumpet
Jayden Stearns, Trumpet
Dash Haubrich, Alto Saxophone
Aiden Hicks, Alto Saxophone
Thomas Lopez, Alto Saxophone
Ivander Rodriguez, Tenor Saxophone
Alex Thiel-Hadjilambrinos, Baritone Saxophone
Allison Benham, Piccolo
Wyatt Han, Flute
Andrew Brooks, Trombone

Farmington High School AAA - 56 to 7562

Please welcome the Scorpion Sound Regiment. The band is under the direction of Mr. Alexander Olivas and is assisted by Ms. Jennifer Lasley and Mr. Ben Ludwig. The band will be performing their Marching Show "The Greatest Show." The Drum Majors are Amileigh Longhorn and Samuel Rogers.

Amileigh Longhorn
Samuel Rodgers

Ashlee Johanson