2022 POB Band Programs

The following bands have submitted their 2022 New Mexico Pageant of Bands program sheets for inclusion in the printed POB Program Guide. The POB Program Guide is sold during the POB competition and is a very popular memento of the event.

SchoolClass EnteredSize of BandProgramDrum MajorsSoloists and Instruments
Volcano Vista High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7556

Call of the Sandias

“The Ecstacy of Gold”, by Ennio Morricone
“Call of the Mountain”, by Joseph Curiale
“Heart of Gold”, by Neil Young
“Joy”, by Joseph Curiale

Sam Bigger, Head Drum Major
Trenton Raley, Assistant Drum Major

Flute, Lam Nguyen
Trumpet, Hailey Hendricks
Euphonium, Trenton Raley

Albuquerque High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7574

Angels and Demons by Randall Standridge

Ryan Zamora

Josue Ortega, Trumpet
Lila Eaton, Trumpet
Thanh Reu, Mellophone
Noah Street, Flute

La Cueva High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above124

SHIMMER featuring the music of Hans Zimmer, Frank Ticheli, Jonathan Elias, John Mackey and Rihanna.

Ivander Rodriguez
Allison Benham
Cameron Bercier

Samantha Stearns - Flute
Maya Walz-Burkett - English Horn
Jayden Stearns - Flugelhorn

Los Alamos High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above116

Shades of Mingus, featuring the music of Charles Mingus, arranged by Ryan Finn

Haitian Fight Song
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Remy Patterson, Erin Gattis, Luke Favorite

Matthew Patchett, alto sax
Heidi Sheppard, trumpet
David Reichhardt, tenor sax
Gavin Kelly, bari sax
Dominic Dowdy, trombone
Caden Fichtl, sousaphone
Stephen Harshman, trumpet

Santa Fe High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10078

Santa Fe's 2022 program is titled "Door Thirteen" and includes "Twisted Nerve" by Bernard Herman, "Death Hunt" by Bernard Herman, "Vertigo" by Bernard Herman, "The Twilight Zone" by Bernard Herman", and "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish.

Gwendolyn Muchmore
Abigail Frey

Maya Harris, Flute
Kaylynn Krenek, Guard

Goddard High SchoolAA - 41 to 5555

To the Moon! Music by Randall Standridge

Mia Van

Vyana Fry-Mellophone

Atrisco Heritage Academy High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10098

Danzón- Matt Hightower, Todd Hill and John Fannin.
Percussion by Josh Powell
I. Passion
II. Grace
III. Fire

Donovan Rodriguez
Tristan Chavez

Christopher Sanchez- Alto Saxophone
Tatiana Herrera- Clarinet
Nicholas Hernandez- Trumpet
Andrew Bernaldez- Baritone

Sandia High SchoolAA - 41 to 5555

The Kong Show
I. Main Titles
II. Water Level
III. Minecart Hijinks and Game Over???

Emma Day
Kenna Foderaro

Natalee Garcia (Guard)
Harlie Williams (Alto Saxophone)
Cameron Carroll (Tenor Saxophone)
Grey Wilson (Trombone)
Jackson Ziegler (Clarinet)

V. Sue Cleveland High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above170

In Dust 3 Us

Music by Steve Reich and Bjork, arranged by Will Pitts and Evan Vandoren

Natalie Garde
Madison Higham
Isleana Romero
Stephanie Robles

Julian Moritz - Snare
Devonie Thompson - Flute
Davion Hein - Clarinet
Elijah Perry - Bari Sax
Aubrey Kuper - Mellophone
Layla Sandenaw - Tenor Sax
Kevin Gonzales - Alto Sax
Vincent Quintana - Trombone
Emiliano Mota - Trombone
Hailey Tavenner - Flute

Kirtland Central High School A - 1 to 4039

Music from QUEEN

Hope Chapman
Dakari White

Michelle Henderson Trumpet (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Piedra Vista High SchoolAA - 41 to 5555

"Elements" Music of Earth Wind and Fire

In the Stone
After the Love Has Gone

Juan Miguel Alfredo Cosales Badbaden
Devyn Ericksen

Miguel Badbaden - Alto Saxophone
Devyn Ericksen - Melophone
Skyler Hickox - Auxiliary
Christopher Fercik - Auxiliary

Belen High SchoolA - 1 to 4030

Elevate by Luke McMillan

Contessa Glaser and Gabriella Flores

Contessa Glaser - Mellophone

Farmington High School AAA - 56 to 7558

The Incredibles

Amileigh Longhorn
Thearon Jones

Los Lunas High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10063

Groove - Part I - "I Like It"
Groove - Part II - "Changes"
Groove - Part III - "Insight"

Music Arranged by Jeff Chambers

Chelsea Singer & Oscar Cervantes

Oscar Cervantes - Baritone/Trombone, Kyleigh Winters - Alto Sax, Chelsea Singer - Flute, Angie Sena - Alto Sax, Feliz Laporte - Alto Sax, Cody Stephenson - Tenor Sax, Christopher Jones - Trumpet, Brylee Corwell - Trumpet, Jayden Garcia - Baritone, Nadia Marez - Sousaphone, Benjamin Jones - Clarinet, Jaron Jolly - Mellophone, William Kennedy - Sousaphone, Evan Meza - Trumpet, Madison Aragon - Dance, JacobDylan Torres - Trombone, Alicia Martinez - Trombone, Alex Diem - Trombone

Roswell High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10084

The Incredibles, a tribute to our service men and women.

Aidan Donahue
Amber Gamboa
Eugenio Quintana

Mia Sanchez, Piccolo
Nathaniel Teran, Alto Sax
Gabriella Gallegos, Mellophone
Jesse Cain, Trumpet
Chris Carrasco, Trumpet

Organ MountainAAAAA - 101 and above140

2815 A. D. from Wall-E
Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead
UFO by Michael Daugherty
Stanger Things Main Theme
Spaceship from Wall-E

Kendrick Frank
Legion Delaurentis
Emily Krowl

Ella Vistine Vocal
Natalie Myers Flute
Milianah Silva Flute
Ava Southwell Flute
Aiden Sauceda Flute
Ruby Arce Flute
Diego Lazo Alto Saxophone

Valley HS A - 1 to 4035

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Selena Muniz

Soloists: Spencer Jensen- Synth
Jacob Gomez- Tenor Sax

Valencia High SchoolAAA - 56 to 7570

Rise Up by Jeff Chambers

Natalia Hernandez

Maggie Kelly-Karney

Tatianna Villa - Euphonium
Cristian Gonzalez - Clarinet
Daniel Altobello - Alto Sax
Jacob Sizemore - Alto Sax
Zachary Anderson - Tenor Sax

Moriarty High SchoolA - 1 to 4021

El Desierto, La Playa, El Fuego by Luke McMillan

Cora Zeisloft

Emily Holmes, Trumpet

West Mesa High SchoolAA - 41 to 5541

Time After Time by Luke McMillan

Rebekah Orona

Matias Lopez - Clarinet
Ernest Aguilar - Baritone

Shiprock High SchoolAA - 41 to 5544

All songs are from the 2008 Dreamwork Animations movie, "Kung Fu Panda". First song is "Hero" with soloists Jamie Shorty, Makayla Shorty & Reigna Spean. The second song is "Panda Po" and the final song is "Kung Fu Fighting."

Skye Adonis Silentman
Demetrious Benally

Makayla Shorty, clarinet
Jamie Shorty, trumpet
Reigna Spean, mallet
Aisa Russell, panda

Silver High SchoolAA - 41 to 5545

Dia De Los Muertos by Randall Standridge

I. Manana II. Tarde III. Noche

Daniella Holguin

Seferino Hughes - Trumpet
Gabriel Castanon - Baritone
Bailey Klement - Clarinet
Gavin Galindo - Saxophone

Rio Rancho High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above142

The Road Not Taken

Arianna Griego
Molly George
Aurora Espinosa

Sophie Baum - Flute
AJ Gerrard - Alto Sax
Phoebe An - Flugelhorn/Trumpet
Cole Pitre- Trumpet

Eldorado High SchoolAAAAA - 101 and above125

“Flight 2022”
Selections include:
Rhapsody In Blue
Someday I’ll Fly Away
Learn to Fly
Mr. Blue Sky
Fly Away
Arrangements by: John Fannin, Josh Powell, Matt Hightower

Jacob Olivas
Devin Torres

Anne Webb - alto saxophone
Ryan Dencklau - alto saxophone
Ellie Suo-Anttila - flute
MayLi Bachand - flute
Allie Travers - flute
Sydney Snowden - clarinet
LeighAnn Lovedahl - clarinet
Sinaya Barton - clarinet
Waverly Bourgeois - clarinet
Waverly Bourgeois - guitar
Joseph Montoya - guitar

Deming HSAAA - 56 to 7560

"Under the Stars"
Featuring Cambridge 1963 by Johann Johannsen, A Sky Full of Stars by Cold Play, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star featuring flute soloist Aintza Casteneda, and Wild Nights by John Adams

Angel Sandoval
Seferino Martinez

Aintza Casteneda - Flute

Cibola High SchoolAAAA - 76 to 10070

Dear Future Me....

A Promise of Living -Aaron Copland
We Can Still Stop Her - Michael Giacchino
Apres Moi - Peter Gabriel
Rainbow / Simple Gifts - Piano Guys

Lily Rich
Vincent Vigil

Tiffany Teach - Mellophone
Gabriel Ngo - Sax
Anthony Baca-Sandoval - Trumpet
Angel Portillo - Tuba

ManzanoA - 1 to 4036

Reign by Randall Standridge

Nicholas Shepherd
Brianna Villagomez

Allianah Nieto - Alto Saxophone
Jess Duggar - Horn
Jaynee Jimenez - Baritone
Nicholas Shepherd - Baritone Saxophone