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The Thirty-Eighth Annual New Mexico State University Tournament of Bands (TOB) was held Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces, NM.

NMSU Pride Marching Band logoUnofficial NMSU 2015 TOB Final Results

  1. Hanks High School (89.30)
  2. Centennial High School (88.85)
  3. Americas High School (87.05)
  4. Coronado High School (86.60)
  5. Onate- High School (85.80)
  6. Montwood High School (83.5)
  7. Eastwood High School (83.45)
  8. La Cueva High School (82.45)
  9. Eastlake High School (81.45)
  10. Del Valle High School (81.40)

Outstanding Visual – Hanks High School
Oustanding Music– Hanks High School
Outstanding GE– Centennial High School.

(from Borderland Marching)

Unofficial NMSU 2015 TOB Preliminary Results

Advancing into Finals at NMSU TOB 2015:
Americas, Centennial, Coronado, Del Valle, Eastlake, Eastwood, Hanks, La Cueva, Montwood, Onate (alpha order)

Winner of the Greg Randall Award for Highest Scoring New Mexico Band: Centennial High School

Class B Results:
1 – Riverside High School
2 – El Paso High School
3 – Mayfield High School
Captions Class B:
Outstanding Visual/Music- El Paso High School
Outstanding GE- Riverside High School

Class A Results:
1 – Centennial High School
2 – Eastlake High School
3 – Chapin High School
Captions Class A:
Outstanding Visual- Eastlake High School
Outstanding Music- Eastlake High School
Outstanding GE- Centennial High School

Class AA Results:
1 – Hanks High School
2 – Coronado High School
3 – Americas High School
Captions Class AA:
Outstanding Visual/Music- Americas High School and Hanks High School (Tied in Both Captions)
Outstanding GE- Coronado High School

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Congratulations Hanks High School Band!

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