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The 44th Annual New Mexico State University Tournament of Bands (TOB) was held Saturday, October 30, 2021 at Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces, NM.

Unofficial Final Results
(from Borderland Marching)

Outstanding Music- Hanks HS
Outstanding Percussion- Organ Mountian HS
Outstanding Guard- Eastlake HS
Outstanding Drum Majors- Organ Mountain HS
1st- 92.00 Hanks HS
2nd- 89.50 Eastlake HS
3rd- 86.20 Organ Mountain HS
4th- 83.90 Cleveland HS
5th- 82.10 Las Cruces HS
6th- 78.40 El Dorado HS TX
7th- 77.50 Franklin HS
8th- 76.30 Parkland HS
9th- 75.20 Rio Rancho HS
10th- 75.10 Centennial HS

Unofficial Preliminary Results
(from Borderland Marching)

Finalist Bands:
Hanks HS
Organ Mountain HS
Las Cruces HS
Eastlake HS
Cleveland HS
Rio Rancho HS
Franklin HS
Parkland HS
El Dorado HS TX
Centennial HS

Highest Scoring NM Band : Organ Mountain HS

Class AA
1st Hanks HS
2nd Organ Mountain HS
3rd Las Cruces HS
Music Hanks HS
Percussion Hanks HS
Guard Eastlake HS
Drum Major Las Cruces HS

Class A
1st El Dorado HS TX
2nd Centennial HS
3rd Chapin HS
Music El Dorado HS TX
Percussion El Dorado HS TX
Guard El Dorado HS TX
Drum Major Centennial HS

Class B
1st Alamogordo HS
2nd Mayfield HS
3rd Irvin HS
Music Alamogordo HS
Percussion Mayfield HS
Guard Alamogordo HS
Drum Major Alamogordo HS

Class C
1st Silver HS
2nd Presidio HS
Music Silver HS
Percussion Silver HS
Guard Silver HS
Drum Major Silver HS

For more information, see the official NMSU Tournament of Bands web page.

2021 NMSU TOB Final Results